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Sivani Mata has fallen in love with the path of Bhakti Yoga (of which chanting is a key element). She organised the UK's first ever Bhakti Music Festival (in August 2011) and the Be Love: Bhakti Immersions which brought devotional musical practices from various traditions together as one, in the spirit of universal love and devotion. She leads Kirtan, Shakti Dance and Yoga Nidra in London & around the UK.

Her practice has been influenced by many teachers and traditions, and she is highly grateful for the people who have inspired and supported her. Sivani Mata feels incredibly blessed to have found this divine practice and be able to share it with others.

Kali Kali Ma LIVE at Colourfest June 2015:
Jay Ma, Om Namah Sivaya, Maha Kali Jai Jai Ma LIVE at The Study Society March 2016:

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“Multi-pack” of Sivani Mata’s CDs

Get Sivani Mata’s CDs: Surrender (double-disc), Shakti Live and I AM, altogether for the discount price of £30. Usual price for all three would be £35. For details of the separate albums, see individual listings below.

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Real Life CD
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Sivani Mata
with Tabla Tom & Friends

This double-disc album is Sivani Mata's third offering of Kirtan - mantra music from the Bhakti Yoga tradition. The Kirtan on the album is an eclectic mix of different mantras and moods ranging from the soft and sweet, to the wild and ecstatic, including a 40min meditative version of Lokah Samastah.

Our Bhakti family sharing on this album are:
Sivani Mata : vocals, harmonium, conch, cow bells • Tabla Tom Simenauer: tabla, vocals, tambourine, duduk, santoor, shakey egg, animal sounds, dholak, tibetan bells, hand cymbals, tampura, tibetan bowls • Asha McCarthy: vocals, cello • Camilo Tirado: vocals • Grace Barry-Tait: vocals • Lucy Crisfield: violin • Michelle Crozier: vocals

Track Listing

1. Ganesha Mantra
2. Sarasvati Ma
3. Mrtyunjaya Shiva
4. Haidakhandeshvari Ma

5. Durga Mantra
6. Om Guru Om Baba
7. Jaya Rama Sita Rama
8. Lokah Samastah

Listen to the tracks here:

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Real Life CD
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Shakti Live
Sivani Mata, Tabla Tom & Friends

Sivani Mata's second CD of Kirtan, recorded LIVE at Kirtan events. All Kirtan on this CD invokes the Divine Feminine aspect of ourselves and creation. Gratitude to that Goddess, Mother Nature, Jagadambe Ma for her nurture, support and compassion. Maha Shakti ki JAI! (released March 2015)

Track Listing

1. Narayani Namostute
(LIVE at the Winter Bhakti Gathering in Stroud February 2013)
2. Daya Karo Ma
(LIVE at the Easter Bhakti Gathering in Sussex April 2014)
3. Ao Ao Mere Angana
(LIVE at a Navaratri Kirtan in Bristol October 2014)
4. He Ma
(LIVE at a Navaratri Kirtan in Bristol October 2014)

Listen to the tracks here:

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Real Life CD
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and the Natural Mystics
Sivani Mata's 1st CD under another name

Haripyari's first Kirtan album, produced by the inspiring Tabla Tom. Includes chants "Aham" and "Durge Durge" (released February 2012)

Our Bhakti family sharing on this album are:
Sivani Mata (Hari Pyari): vocals, harmonium, guitar, conch shell • Tabla Tom Simenauer: tabla, vocals, tamboura, singing bowls, percussion, santoor, keybords • Vraj Devi, Bharati & Dinesh, Gail Edgley, Venus Cumara: vocals • Benjahmin Steel: bass guitar • Diego Tasca: didgeridoo, medicine drum • Lucy Crisfield: violin • Craig Pruess: sitar • Buddhenath: flute

Track Listing

1. Opening Prayers
2. Jaya Mata Kali

3. Durge Durge
4. Aham

5. Closing Prayers

Listen to the tracks here:

standing rock protectors cd

Digital Download

Standing Rock Benefit Album

The Events of Standing Rock in North Dakota represent a strong emerging movement in the world to make the choice to protect the health of the Earth for present and future generations compassionately, non-violently, over seeking short-lived profit from fossil fuels.

All the proceeds of this album will go to support the cause at Standing Rock at this time, specifically the Medic & Healer Council supporting the health of the local community as well as the needs of the water protectors maintaining the camps.

A very special range of artists have contributed songs of different genres and musical styles to this wonderful and unique album, and each and every artist is committed to the cause of clean drinking water and Ecological Awareness in their lives.

Tracks compiled by Will Softmore & Charlie Roscoe, Mastered by Charlie Roscoe, Album artwork by Will Softmore, text by Matt Shearing, original photo by Overpass Light Brigade

Track Listing

1. William Softmore (Feat. Susie Ro) - Water Warriors (Protectors)
2. Murray Kyle - Standing On One Side
3. Avalon Roots - Water is Free
4. Martha Tilston - Survival Guide
5. Carrie Tree - Water Song
6. Lua Maria - Wild White Horses
7. Tallulah Rendall - Be The Change, Holding Onto Love
8. Karen Woods - Untamed
9. Nalini - The Water Blessing Song
10. Charlie Roscoe and Andreas Kornevall - Native Power
11. Sivani Mata - Sarasvati Ma

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Vinyasa Yoga DVD
A Steady Mindful Practice
with Mimi Kuo-Deemer

50 min Yoga practice accompanied by gentle Kirtan throughout with Sivani Mata (Naomi Francis), Anne Malone, and Hermione Armitage

“Love it!” ~ Erich Schiffmann, Yoga Teacher

This DVD is a 50 minute yoga session that incorporate commonly practiced postures, or asanas, with attention and focus on the breath. The vinyasa-based sequences are designed to integrate the movements of the body with the breathing, allowing one pose to link to another in conjunction with the breath. Many postures will be shown with options for different levels — this is so you can adapt the sequence to suit how you feel each day.

Options for music on or off, and chapters. Enjoy!

Produced, directed, filmed and edited by Aaron Deemer and Bruce McCallum.
With thanks to The Life Centre.
All rights reserved. © 2011 Mimi Kuo-Deemer.

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लोकाः समस्ताः सुखिनो भवन्तु
"May All The Beings In All The Worlds Be Happy and at PEACE"

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